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Webinar: Social Media Engagement for Legal Aid Organizations


In this Webinar Chris Tuttle, of Tuttle Communications, and Catherine Rizos, of Massachusetts Legal Assitance Corporation, explain how legal aid organizations can optimize social media. Tuttle and Rizos talk goal setting and highlight the importance of understanding your audience. With the help of the "Pyramid of Engagement" and the "Three primary networks" rule, Tuttle and Rizos provide great insight to rewarding social media experiences for both legal aid organizations and their viewers. 

Copyright and Personal Release Form

When you are a first year law student, your readings are extremely dense and full of unnecessary legalese. Latin and words like "hereby", easily become a part of everyday discussions between law students. Although our professors teach us to write concisely, it is difficult to avoid writing like a 1900's Supreme Court justice.

Webinar: Resources You Need To Evaluate Your Program

In this webinar April Faith-Slaker from A2J Lab and Aurora Martin from Pop Up Justice discuss helpfull tools that should be used during program design.

Faith-Slacker emphasizes the importance of early evaluations and provides key questions that one should ask during program developing to evaluate success. 

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CLE: Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Field

On June 5, 2018, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) presented a continued legal education program (CLE) hosted by Sart Rowe, titled, “Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession”. The CLE aimed to explore the underpinnings of modern artificial intelligence and how it is used in business and the law.