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Webinar: Outlook - Productivity Tools

This webinar on Microsoft Outlook covers some of the various ways to search, filter, tag, and present content within Outlook. In addition to exploring some of the basic features we spend a significant amount of time answering questions from attendees ranging from formatting to shortcuts.

Webinar: Excel’s Formulas and Functions

In this webinar Sandy Rylander walks us through the basics of what Excel’s Formulas and Functions are and how to get the most out of using them. We start at the ground level of what a formula is and how to add two cells together and build on that until we are using a variety of simple formula and functions. If you haven’t used them in Excel before this is the video to get you started.

2018 Webinars

We have gotten the trainings for the year organized, we will add more over the course of the year but this should be sufficient to get you started.  Please take a few minutes to browse through them and sign up for any that catch your eye.


Position Postings: Advancing Justice and Berkman Klein Center

This week we have two positions open, one for a Data Manager and one for a Summer Intern.

TIG Grants and Florida Justice Technology Center PM Position

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is currently accepting Technology Initiative Grants, if you have legal aid project that involves an innovative use of technology now is your chance to get some funding.

How to Make & Test Videos (with Limited Time & Money)

If you create print publications to inform your communities about their legal rights and responsibilities, videos can amplify your educational outreach efforts.

Below, you can download a copy of a 10-page Guide called, "How to Make & Test Videos (with Limited Time & Money)."

This guide will help you start making and fieldtesting videos within a few weeks and with minimal cost.

Webinar: Online Dispute Resolution

For the past few years British Columbia has been working on the Civil Resolution Tribunal, an online tribunal dedicated to help resolve small claims(<$5000) and condominium disputes. Now two people that have worked in depth on the project,Darin Thompson and James Anderson, share more information about their project