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Hello everyone! For this week's Video of the Week I wanted to highlight the Hurricane Sandy Hotline series put out by Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ). There are four videos, two in English and two in Spanish. They cover the same basic information in both a long (45... Read more
Hello everyone! Earlier this week LSNTAP and Idealware hosted a great webinar on “Improving Your Website’s Accessibility.” Our speakers were:Laura Quinn of Idealware,Rachel Magario of the Pacer Center, andBrian Rowe of LSNTAP.To begin, Quinn talked about the... Read more
Hello everyone! This week we'll take a look at another series of videos, this time from The Legal Aid Society in New York. The Legal Aid Society works with a variety of legal issues for low-income people, not only civil but also criminal and juvenile cases, as well as some... Read more
Hello everyone! This week's Video of the Week was created using Xtranormal by Legal Assistance of Western New York. It's designed for divorce clinic participants to watch before the first round of their clinic. The video isn't completely finalized yet, but this link... Read more
Hello everyone! I'm going to be a bit of a narcissist this week. I'll say it up front so you know that I know, but yeah, we're going to talk about a video I made as the video of the week. I made it as a trailer that shows up on LSNTAP's YouTube channel only for... Read more
Hello everyone! This week's video is from Legal Services of New Jersey (previously, we covered their food stamps video) and addresses issues related to restraining orders in domestic violence cases. It's an interconnected series of videos aimed at helping people with the... Read more
Hello everyone! We have featured their videos before but since they are doing great work, we've got another Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) video this week! About two weeks ago, ILAO started uploading a series entitled "Faces of Justice." Each video... Read more
Hello everyone! Frequent YouTube users among you may have already noticed the new channel format that was introduced in March (currently in beta). Called YouTube One, it’s billed as a way to better personalize and brand your page, which it does pretty well. I experimented... Read more
Hello everyone! This week we have another featured video all the way from Down Under! Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has created a series of nine videos relating to divorce. The video series is designed to help families deal with various aspects of the process, focusing on things like... Read more
Hello everyone! You might have thought that popcorn was just for movies. You're right, but not in the way you thought you were. Mozilla has an online video editing tool called Popcorn Maker.... Read more


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