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More Than Apps: Affordable Program Delivery Through Mobile Phones   Lindsey Bealko, Expert Trainer, Idealware Principal & Founder Toolkit Consulting Pat Malone: Associate Director, Immigration Advocates Network Xander Karsten LawHelp Program Coordinator, ... Read more
photo by Abd allah Foteih /CC BY-SA 2.0 Marketing and Independent research institutions are continually finding that... Read more
Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) has a long history of developing new and innovative technologies in the legal aid community. Below you can find information on recent projects, documentation, and code samples. For more information on any of these technologies, please contact... Read more
The New Americans Campaign, a campaign made up over 80 organizations, is paving a better road to citizenship by modernizing and streamlining access to naturalization services so greater numbers of permanent residents take steps to become American citizens. One of the ways they... Read more
Case Studies in Website Analytics Video Website analytics are be an important tool to help you understand what people want and are using on your website. In this session, participants from the community -- from Illinois Legal Services, LSNTAP itself, and beyond the legal... Read more
Hello everyone! This past Wednesday was LSNTAP and Pro Bono Net’s joint webinar on “Developing a Mobile Strategy to Reach our Clients.” It was a great session with many helpful insights shared by our presenters, who included:Mike Monahan, Pro Bono Director at... Read more
Hello everyone! Last week LSNTAP and Idealware hosted a great webinar on “Auditing Your Website for Usability Issues.” The speaker was Laura Quinn of Idealware.To kick things off, Quinn asked audience members what kinds of things they wanted to learn about; responses... Read more
Hello everyone! LSNTAP’s final webinar of the year on Machine Translation Tools was held this past Friday and was very informative for those looking to create a Spanish or other non-English mirror site. Both presenters were from Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) and worked... Read more
Hello everyone! Yesterday (3 October) LSNTAP and Idealware held a very interesting webinar on Using Mobile Phones for Service Delivery. Some great panelists discussed innovative uses of mobile phone, and particularly smart phone technology for the legal services field. These... Read more
  This guide should be considered as an updated version of of the original guide written by David Bonebrake and Scott Friday in 2009. While there is a lot of overlap, this version includes... Read more
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