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LSC and Technology Initiative Grants

Below are the worksheets used at the 2015 TIG Conference Session on Collaborative Game Design. The worksheets were developed parallel to Dr. Harteveld's Triadic Game Design (TGD) book to educate about TGD a model which incorprates reality, meaning, and play in game design.... Read more
These have been posted for a little while on LSC's Vimeo account but they haven't been getting the attention they deserve so allow me to reshare them, videos from Rapid fire Tecg from the TIG conference. There is some really good information packed into each of these 400 second... Read more
Our friends over at Community Legal Aid are looking for proposals for creating a mobile friendly A2J guided interview. If this sounds like you or someone you know please give this RPF a read and pass it along.   Community Legal Aid REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) A2J... Read more
In the wake of the 2016 LSC TIG Conference we now have some videos online. Not every video is up yet but we do have some good ones. One of the interesting talks we had was LSC's New Technical Projects, in this talk they went over what LSC has been doing, how they plan on sharing... Read more
Legal Services Corporation Baselines: Technologies That Should Be in Place in a Legal Aid Office Today (Revised 2015) At the NLADA Technology Section meeting during the 2013 Equal Justice Conference, a project was proposed to update the LSC Baselines: Techn ologies That Should... Read more
LSC will be updating their site with 2015 TIG Conference Session Materials. Here is the Conference Book with all the sessions and discriptions: LSC has released the first set of slide decks and some videos of popular sessions. If the session you are looking for isn't posted... Read more
Last week at LSC's 15th TIG conference, I attended some really great breakaway sessions about how different groups are using technology to better assist their clients. As somewhat of a gamer myself, I was very excited to learn about orgs that are developing or interested in... Read more
LSC has promoted the use of technology to expand its grantees’ provision of legal services to the low-income population and to develop a library of... Read more


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