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Cyber Piracy

Hello everyone! LSNTAP and Idealware hosted a webinar on Cloud Security yesterday that went really well. It was part one of a two-part series, so stay tuned for Advanced Cloud Security on August 28th! Yesterday’s presenters included Joshua Peskay, Idealware Expert Trainer... Read more
If someone listed themselves as a legal aid organization with your name in the phone book, you'd take action. What about online? Cyber piracy practices -- online vendors that steal your online presence by sitting on website urls similar to yours and posing as your... Read more
The ABA Journal has published an article about the phenomenon of cybersquatting and domain parking of legal aid related websites.   Check out "Who's Putting a Price on Free Legal Aid?" to learn more about Arkansas Legal Services' and Pine Tree Legal Assistance... Read more
Is there a “good ole days” when it comes to fraudulent practices? Back in the days when phone books were the main go-to for information about entities and people, fraud seemed more, well, personal. Clients calling in often complained of the fake by angrily objecting to “our”... Read more
For those of you that missed the NLADA Annual Conference, there were a couple of sessions I was able to attend that I thought I'd share the highlights.1. Technology Trends that Impact How You Practice Poverty Law. The highlight from this session was many-fold. The impact... Read more
Someone on our LStech mailing list pointed out this blog entry, in which Larry Seltzer writes about the deceptive marketing practiced by the Domain Registry of American (DROA).  DROA scam domain name owners by convincing them that their domain names need to be renewed and... Read more
Training Materials Training PowerPoint | PDFRecommended Reading on LSNTAP.OrgCyber Piracy: A PrimerRegistering Your Trademark: A PrimerPro Bono Counsel Helps Legal Aid Programs Fight Online DeceptionNTAP Research on Cyber Piracy in Legal AidRecording of the Training: ED110:... Read more
NTAP Research: The Impact of Cyber Piracy on Legal Aid Programs In 2006 and 2007, NTAP has partnered with PTLA to examine the continuing impact of Cyber Piracy practices on legal aid programs. Our research focused on investigating the prevalence of cybersquatting and on... Read more
June 2007 Update on NTAP Cyber Piracy Project This article contains information on the pro bono assistance provided by three firms on this project and summarizes NTAP's research on various legal aid organizations. (To receive assistance, complete online survey.) ... Read more
by Milbank & Tweed and Dickstein and Shapiro, June 2007.This primer (PDF) and accompanying questionnaire (PDF) have been provided to help legal aid organizations navigate the trademark process. They are a must-read for programs interested in receiving pro bono assistance... Read more


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