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Case Management

Description AutoMon offers a legal case management solutions for Civil matter management that manages matter, cases, parties, and the associated information. It is an organization-wide environment that supports users, and management... Read more
Description LSNTAP has no contact info for Time.  Please contact to help update this page Email List:  Email Contact: User Ratings:  Coming soon.  Please help us improve these pages by providing Feedback:  ... Read more
Description SalesForce is a Customer Relations platform that has been recently customized to works as a casemanagement system with a focus on managing probono projects... Read more
List of CMS we are reviewing:  Kemp's Prime 16 Legal Files LegalServer Pika v6 Practice Manger AutoMon ProLaw - Research underway Time - MIA, no information available at this time Clio Salesforce Please help us improve these pages by providing feedback... Read more
Description Web-based CMS desinged for private pratice. Requires Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10.0+ or Safari   Features: Matter/case... Read more
Legal Files is a web client that utilizes a browser on the desktop. Legal Files has management tools for legal case management and a front-end intake and... Read more
LegalServer Software Legal Server is a centralized web-based CMS designed with Legal Services organizations in mind. LegalServer servers Legal Aid Agencies, Pro, Bono Organizations. Law Schools,... Read more
Kemp's Case Works  Description Kemps Prime can run onsite or be offered as a cloud based service.   PRIME OFFICE 16 Prime Office uses Microsoft SQL server to... Read more
Description Pika is a web-based CMS (Case Management System) developed specifically for use by legal aid organizations. Pika focuse on a simple to use user interface and access for anywhere you ahve a... Read more


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