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Training Materials: SWEB142 - Developing Your Own Multmedia Content Series (2009)

Training Materials

  • Training: PowerPoint | PDF
  • Recording of Training: 

    • SWEB142_DevelopingYourOwnMultimediaContentSeries1
    • SWEB142_DevelopingYourOwnMultimediaContentSeries2
    • Need troubleshooting?
      • After you load the training video, right click and choose "view" or "zoom" to resize the training.
  • Additional Links to Resources are Provided in the Slide Presentation.


Presenter (s): Liz Keith, Pro Bono Net; Allison McDermott, Pro Bono Net; Gene Donney, LSNTAP; Vivian Chen, Legal Aid Association of California


SWEB142 Part 1

SWEB142 Part 2