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National Subject Matter Index UPDATER Tool

Need to Change or Request a New Code for the National Subject Matter Index? Use the new Index Updater Tool (


What is the National Subject Matter Index for Legal Aid?

The NSMI is a taxonomy of legal aid substantive topics, based in part on LSC’s problem codes. It is widely used on statewide websites to categorize legal content, and makes it possible to share documents across web sites because each site uses the same vocabulary. The NSMI also makes it possible to link between case management systems and statewide web sites based on a topic.

The Problem: Each content coordinator may add codes for their content areas -- beyond the National Subject Matter Index. When this happens, the Index no longer has the same fields, from which to share content with other websites. Also, content coordinators couldn’t get new codes when they needed them and often their changes weren’t included in scheduled updates to the index

The Solution: A web application that allows content coordinators to request a code and have a new code assigned within a week. This is the National Subject Matter INDEX UPDATER TOOL. (

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