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PAI Planning Survey: State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono

*1. Your Office Name

Please answer the following questions so that we can build one GLSP PAI plan for 201213. Consider this a work in progress. I do want to see monthly case placement goals and proposed bar activities (meetings, clinics, events, etc.) and proposed dates.

You can fill out parts of this brief survey and return to it at any time to finish.

Solicit input from the Private Bar.

I have prepared a minisurvey ready for you to use that is linked to your specific office. I have sent this link to you in a separate email.
This is the link to share with lawyers and judges in your area:

Please try to send the survey to as many lawyers and judges in your service area as possible. I think "success" would be a response from 10
lawyers/judges (for each of you). Once you send out the survey link, there's nothing more you will need to do. I'll monitor the responses and share
them as necessary.

Do not expect Judicare funds for 201213. Do budget for court costs and expenses related to PAI.

2. If your office hopes to use Judicare funds or has special grants that may allow Judicare in 201213, please indicate the counties in your territory in which you would spend Judicare funds. You should reserve Judicare funds for your most rural, underlawyered counties. State the approximate number of cases that could be encumbered assuming the usual $500/case.

*3. What kinds of cases will you attempt to place through your pro bono program? Examples: Divorce with custody, private Landlord/Tenant, wills.

*4. What will be your monthly case placement goal? It should be equal to or greater than your current 2011-12 monthly goal.

*5. Will you be focusing on any special populations or on any special issues? Please be specific.

6. Please check the kinds of community legal assistance activities you plan for 2012-13 (in addition to the regular intake cases). Provide a tentative date for each activity.
Advice clinics
Brief service clinics (ex. Wills)
Other (please specify)

*7. What kinds of activities with your local bar associations will you work toward in 2012-13? Examples: Poverty law CLEs, clinics, recognition events, etc.

*8. Propose a target date for each of your clinics or bar-related events. These dates are not written in stone, but you should put the dates in your Outlook calendar as a way to work toward your goals. Deborah and I will add these dates to our Outlook calendar as well so that we can help you work toward your goals.

*9. Who in your office will you recruit to help you in 2012-13 with your activities? Briefly tell me what you hope they'll help you with.

10. Name the staff person(s) in your office who will have PAI-related duties.

11. Please provide 2-4 sentences describing how you will recruit new lawyers in 2012-13. (Recruitment is not optional).

*12. Tell us anything else you'd like to add to your PAI plan for 2012-13.

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