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NJP SharePoint Document Library Taxonomy Design Survey

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NJP's new SharePoint system is being designed to make sharing and finding information easy. One feature of the system is a large document library. The library is a place where emails, pleadings, briefs, forms, and other types of resources would be stored and only accessible by those in the organization---similar to the current network drives (I: or K: for example), but easier to search and more flexible to navigate. By answering the following questions, you will help us build a library that makes it easier for you to share and find answers quickly and easily.

1. What is your name?

2. What is your email address?

3. What is your position/title?

4. Think of the most recent case you worked on. You need to find a legal outline or form to help you with the case. If you could search all your own emails, listservs, and all the public NJP network drives statewide, what are some search phrases you would try? Pretend each box is the Google search box. You do not need to fill in every box.

5. In the ideal world, if you could search the same things as above---your own emails, listservs, public network drives, etc---what types of questions/searches do you wish a list of results could answer that it currently does not?
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6. There are many ways we could tag documents/emails that will be shared in within SharePoint's document library. Listed below are several "fields" or "document attributes", followed by examples of values you might find in those fields. Please rate the usefulness of each one.
 1 (Not Useful)23 (Neutral)45 (Really Useful)
Agencies and Entities. ex: Adult Protective Services (APS), Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
Community tags. [a field where you are free to add whatever you like]
County. ex: King, Pierce
Document Type. ex: brief, bulletin, minutes pleading, form
Issue(s). ex: child care, termination of benefits
Jurisdiction. ex: Federal, Seattle Municipal
Last Modified. ex: 5/31/2011
Legal Problem Code. ex: 51 Medicaid, 71 TANF
LegalServer Case Number. ex: 10-1234567
NJP Attorney Name. ex: Jones, Smith
NJP Office. ex: Seattle, Yakima
Program: Medicaid, WorkFirst
Related Statutes. ex: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Special Legal Problem Code. ex: 513 Medically Needy Program, 715 TANF Denial
Substantive Area. ex: housing, public benefits

7. Did we miss any useful ways of thinking about legal documents in the list above?

8. What terms would use to describe the "OpeningBriefFINAL REDACT.doc" document attached in the email that gave you this survey link? Please separate terms with commas.

9. Do you have any other comments or ideas to share?

Thank you!


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