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NJP Judicially Imposed Barriers Subcommittee Survey

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a. LEP issues
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Lack of interpreters
ii. Lack of access to interpreters and translation
iii. Forms/information unavailable in languages other than English

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b. Inconsistent or Confusing Court Rules and Practices
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Unpublished local court policies
ii. Unwritten or informal local practices
iii. Confusing or inconsistent state and local court rules

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c. Problematic Practices
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. The confirmation process for hearings in some counties
ii. The calculation of filing deadlines
iii. Problematic court clerks
iv. Problematic court practices
v. Problematic judicial practices
vi. Requiring that pleadings be approved by a facilitator before being filed
vii. Other problematic practices

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d. Fees and Costs
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Failure to waive filing fees and surcharges
ii. Charging fees for facilitators and other court required services
iii. General GR 34 irregularities and inconsistencies

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e. Resources for Legal Assistance/Legal Information
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Lack of family court facilitator
ii. Lack of family court investigators or affordable family court investigators
iii. Lack of GALs or affordable GALs
iv. Lack of information at court about legal resources
v. Other legal resource issues

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f. Protection Order Issues
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Refusing to grant DVPO’s unless litigant files family law action
ii. Refusing or limiting when DVPO’s are granted
iii. Refusing to include children on PO’s
iv. Refusing to renew PO’s/not applying applicable burden of proof on renewal
v. Other PO issues

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g. Forms Issues
 SignificantSomewhat SignificantNot SignificantNo Opinion
i. Lack of local forms so that clients can set hearings, submit information in preparation for trial, comply with court rules, etc.
ii. Forms availability/access/cost
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Have you identified additional barriers in the county or counties you serve? Please tell us what they are.

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What efforts are being undertaken or what strategies are being employed in your county or counties to address barriers?

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What challenges do you perceive exist in the efforts to address these barriers?
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Any additional thoughts?


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