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NJP Housing Task Force Annual Survey

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1. For purposes of mentoring & training, should the HTF create and maintain an "expertise list" (i.e, a list of HTF members, contact info, subject matter and skills expertise (e.g., client relationships, oral advocacy, legal research, community outreach, mediation), and noteworthy pleadings & court decisions)?

2. If we create an expertise list, are you willing to be on the list?

3. Do you find the Local Service Area report component of our monthly calls useful?

4. Should each monthly HTF call feature a substantive housing issue (e.g., presentation of an emerging issue, recently published court decision or legislative proposal)?

5. If we feature a substantive issue each month, are you willing to be responsible for presenting at least one issue per year?

6. If the HTF could accomplish only one goal this year, what should it be? A goal may be a substantive advocacy issue, HTF structural or policy issue, etc.

7. What do you believe the HTF's primary role should be?
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1. How might the HTF be improved?

2. If the improvements you identified in the immediately preceding question were implemented, would your participation in the Task Force increase?

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1. What is your capacity to actively participate on a sub-committee?

2. For each sub-committee of which you are a member, what is your level of participation?

3. What do you like most about the sub-committee(s) in which you are involved?

4. For each sub-committee that you participate in, what improvements would you recommend?
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1. Do you have any suggestions for future trainings? If so, tell us what they are.

2. If you would like to be considered for a survey participation "prize", please provide your name or initials or pseudonym (if you prefer to remain anonymous).


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