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NJP 211 Legal Follow Up Call Survey

*1. What is your zip code?2. To which legal service agency(s) were you referred?Catholic Community Services Legal Action CenterColumbia Legal ServicesDisability Rights - WashingtonEastside Legal Assistance ProgramKing County Bar Association - Legal ClinicsKing County Bar Association - All other programsLegal Voice (formerly Northwest Women's Law Center)Northwest Immigrant Rights ProjectNorthwest Justice Project (all programs except CLEAR)Northwest Justice Project CLEAROpen Door Legal Services (Seattle Union Gospel Mission)Seattle Community Law CenterSolid Ground Family Assistance ProgramTeamchildUnemployment Law ProjectUniversity of Washington Law ClinicsOther (please specify)3. (for fax referrals) Has the provider contacted you?YesNoComments4. If yes, did they contact you within the specified time?YesNoComments5. If no, how long did it take them to contact you?3 days4 days5 days6 daysA weekMore than a week2 weeks or moreDon't knowComments6. (for phone referrals) Of the legal referrals given to you by 211, how many agencies have you contacted on your own?NoneOneTwoThreeMore than threeDon't knowComments7. Were any of the legal agencies referred to you by 211 able to help you?YesNoSomewhatDon't knowNot yetComments8. Did the service received help resolve your legal issue?YesNoSomewhatDon't knowComments9. What, if anything, made it difficult to get legal help? (Check all that apply.)My legal issue wasn't something the free service agencies handleThe free service agencies were fullTransportation challengesLanguage barrierLong wait timesInconvenient service hoursI was advised to get a private attorney and couldn't afford thatOther (please specify)10. Do you have any final comments about your legal referrals from 211? 
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