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LGBT DV Survivors Services Survey: State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono

1. Your Name (Optional), Title (Optional), and Organization (Optional):

2. Location (Optional), City, Urban, Rural, Suburban, North, South, Middle Georgia

3. Approximately how many DV survivors have you served in the last 12 months?

4. Approximately what percentage of survivors that you served do you believe were LGBT?

5. Approximately how many low-income domestic violence victims have indicated to you that they were LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) in the last five years?

6. Were you able to serve or assist the LGBT survivors?

7. What percentage of LGBT families taht you served included children?

8. Were LGBT survivors able to secure a civil Protective Order? If not, why?

9. Were LGBT survivors able to use the criminal process?

10. What other legal issues did LGBT survivors face?

11. Have your clients had problems getting services from:
a. Police
b. Judges
c. Clerks
d. Funders/human services
e. Community responses
f. Other:

Please explain:

12. Have you had trainings for staff, advocates, police, etc that focused on the LGBT population?

13. Is your agency/shelter welcoming to LGBT survivors? How?

14. Do LGBT survivors in your community have access to or alternatives to shelter?

15. What percentage of your LGBT survivors were female? What percentage male?

16. What are the major challenges you face in serving the LGBT population?

17. What unique challenges do LGBT survivors and individuals face in your area?

18. Do you have any Outreach or Services suggestions for legal services providers in your area to serve the LGBT population?

19. Are tehre other co-factors taht make servicing LGBT survivors more challenging? i.e. poverty, rural isolation, sexism, language access, status barriers, prejudice against LGBT populations?

20. Anything else you want to share with us about serving LGBT populations who have been victims of domestic violence in Georgia? Can we use your answers in a publication (without attributes, if you prefer)?

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