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LGBT Client Services Staff Survey: State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono

Studies indicate there may be up to 30,000 lowincome LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) households outside metro Atlanta, and that LGBT families are more likely to live in poverty. To help provide better outreach and client service, we're interested in learning what your experiences, if any, may have been in providing assistance or information to low-income LGBT clients or applicants.

1. Name (optional)

2. Title at GLSP (optional)

3. Approximately how many low-income clients or applicants have indicated to you that they were LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) in the last five years?
None that I know of

4. What legal issue did the LGBT clients or applicants contact GLSP about? Choose all that apply.

 1-3 cases4-6 cases7-9 casesMore than 10 cases
Domestic violence


Food stamps    
Social Security    
Child Custody    
Consumer law    
Other (please specify)    

5. If you recall, what county or counties did these individuals live in?

6. Were you able to serve or assist the LGBT client(s)?
Yes for most
Yes for many
Partially for most
Partially for many
Not at all for most
Not at all for many


7. If your answer to Question 6 was yes or partially yes, what was the outcome of the case(s)? Provide short anecdotes if you can.

8. Are you aware of any resources in Georgia or at the national level for LGBT persons who have legal needs?

Would you list any resources here you know about or use?

9. Additional comments/questions/concerns? Please write them below.

10. If you are interested in joining the GLSP LGBT Client Services Committee, please put your contact information below (Name, Email Address, Office Location, Extension Number) or talk with one of the Committee Members.

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