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Knowledge Management & Modern Information Security Tool Kits

Is your legal aid organization making the best use of technology? With so many different technologies and solutions available to make your programs more effective and help them meet or exceed the LSC Technology Baselines, how do you know what’s useful, what’s affordable, and what’s practical?

Here are some tools that can help you answer these questions! Funded by an LSC Technology Initiatives GrantIdealware partnered with the Michigan Advocacy Program to publish a series of four technology toolkits to break complex topics into easy-to-understand, actionable pieces. Each toolkit includes worksheets, exercises, links to additional resources, and case studies of how other legal aid organizations have implemented successful solutions. All toolkits are free to download from (available now) and (coming soon).

The first two toolkits, Knowledge Management and Modern Information Security, are available now. Sign up and download either one and we’ll let you know when the other two—Triage and Online Intake and Hotline Call Center Technology—are available.


Good intentions or a commitment to your organization’s mission won’t protect your data—for that, you need infrastructure, processes, policies, and training. You need to establish an organizational culture that prioritizes Modern Information Security and empowers all staff to protect important data. To learn how to create and implement the right policies and get staff and leadership on board, download the toolkit now.

Knowledge Management Guide

 Everyone on your staff works hard every day to produce well-researched and -written materials for a variety of purposes. Knowledge Management is a means of archiving that critical work product so it can be searched and retrieved for future use. Knowledge management also ensures that the insights behind your work are memorialized so that that strategic successes can be reused and improved upon. Sophisticated knowledge management practices increasing the efficiency of your legal work and the impact of your organization. Download the toolkit now.

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