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Game Design Worksheets

Below are the worksheets used at the 2015 TIG Conference Session on Collaborative Game Design. The worksheets were developed parallel to Dr. Harteveld's Triadic Game Design (TGD) book to educate about TGD a model which incorprates reality, meaning, and play in game design. New Haven Legal Assistance partnered with NuLawLab and Dr. Harteveld to create a game which could better prepare self-represented litigants for their day in court. The game which is currently under development will put litigants before a virtual judge to help demistify the courtroom and diminish anxiety for those who cannot afford legal assistance. For more about the workshop see LSNTAP's post about the TIG session Serious Gaming As a Learning Tool

Reality Worksheet Develop a model of reality to base your game. IE) Religion, Globalization, Financial Crisis, etc

              Sample Reality Models

Meaning Worksheet Pick a value or value proposal. IE) Exploration, Social Skills, Declarative Knowledge

               Meaning/Value Examples & Explanations

Play Worksheet Choose the genre (shoooter, strategy, survival, etc) of your game and fill out this worksheet. 

                Game Genres 

Criteria Worksheet Is your game flexible and adaptable? Is your game realisitc (look/feel) Is it fun to play? etc.