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Client Website Feedback Survey: State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono

Please complete as much of this survey as possible.
Questions marked with a * are required.

Part I: Web Site and Computer Access Information.

*1. Where do you live in Georgia?

2. Where did you learn about the web site? Choose all that apply.
Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Georgia Legal Services Program
Other Legal Aid or Pro Bono Program
Lawyer or Bar Association
Social Service Agency or Community Program
Newspaper, Radio, Television
Web Search Engines
Other (please specify)

*3. Where do you usually go to find a computer to get to the Internet? Choose all that apply.
Home of a Family Member
Public Library
Community Center
Seniors Center
Other (please specify)


Part II: Education, Computer Experience, and Income Information. This information will be used to help us find out how easy it is for people to use
the web site if they do not have much experience with computers. It will also help us to figure out whether we are reaching people that Georgia
Legal Services Program and Atlanta Legal Aid Society are trying to serve (people with low incomes).

4. Please tell us how much education you have. Choose one.
Grade School
Some High School
High School Graduate
Some college
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Some graduate school
Professional graduate degree

5. How much experience do you have using the Internet?
A Lot

6. We'd like to know about the income levels of people who use our site. By "low income"
we mean someone who would probably be eligible for legal services from Atlanta Legal
Aid Society and Georgia Legal Services Program (the maximum income for an individual is
about $11,000 and for a family of four it's about $23,000 per year). Please choose what best
fits your situation. I am:

An attorney getting information for a low income client.
Getting information for someone else who is low income.
Working with an agency that serves low income people.
Not low income, but hope this information will be useful.
A low income person getting information for myself.
Just browsing.
Other (please specify)


Part III. Evaluation and Feedback About Web Site.
7. How easy or hard was it to find the information you needed? Choose one.
Very Easy
Somewhat Difficult
Very Hard

8. How helpful was the web site?
Very helpful
Somewhat helpful
Not helpful

9. Did you find the answer to your legal problem?
I found part of the answer

10. What other changes should we make to the website to help you solve your legal problem?


Thank you for helping us improve

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