Mobile Discounts for the Legal Aid Community

This section of the Mobile Guide lists mobile discounts and promotions relevant to the legal aid programs and their clients. Please contact LSNTAP (INFO at if you know of additional discounts we can add to this page.

Discounts for Legal Aid Offices and Attorneys
Sprint is now offering legal services organizations a new program that allows them to purchase broadband services (including 4G speed unlimited access) at reduced, GSA-level pricing. Please click here for more details.
Mobile Citizen provides mobile education and broadband service to education and nonprofit organizations. It currently offers low priced mobile internet access to nonprofits in many locations throughout the country.

Discounts for Legal Aid Clients
SafeLink Wireless is a government-supported program that provides a free wireless phone with several standard mobile features to eligible low-income individuals. The service -- provided by pre-paid wireless provider TracFone -- is currently available in about 35 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. SafeLink says it is coming soon to the rest. 
Similarly, Virgin Mobile's Assurance Wireless Program offers low-income individuals a free wireless phone and 200 free minutes of wireless service -- along with free 911, voicemail, and caller ID -- if they meet eligibility requirements. As of December 2011 this service was available in thrity-nine states and the District of Columbia.
Both Assurance and SafeLink charge for additional minutes and features. The costs of these add-ons are consistent with other prepaid services; however, they could make monthly charges too costly for some users.  
Statewide websites interested in adding content about these mobile programs to their client site -- something we highly recommend -- should consult MassLegalHelp's Free Cell Phones and Minutes. It provides a solid plain language model for this content.