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Webinar: Recent Trends in Statewide Collaboration and Cooperation


Collaboration can often have a significant impact on the growth and success of technology initiatives. Over the past few years, the legal aid community has seen the development of several statewide collaboration efforts focusing on technology and innovation. Some states are centralizing their IT management, while other are creating technology task forces and hosting statewide technology conferences to facilitate knowledge and resource sharing among the community.


This is a very content dense webinar, some amount of pausing to check out the projects is expected.



Anna Steele, Director of Consulting @ Just-Tech

Angela Tripp, Director @ Michigan Legal Help Program

Hanna Kaufman, Counsel for Innovation & Technology @ Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois

Susan Lucas, Compliance Consultant @ PA Legal Aid Network, Inc

Sart Rowe, National Technology Assistance Project Coordinator @ Northwest Justice Project