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Webinar: New Video Resources


Today Daniel Ediger came on to talk about the value of creating video resources and walks us through a guide he has put together on How to Make and Test Videos. We go through the process step by step and look at the reasoning behind the them.


Two particularly valuable topics that we spend time on are the setup requirements and the importance of community involvement. For the former segment we go over a list of hardware and software you will need to assemble and talk about why things are important and in a few case some low cost alternatives. For the latter we start with why it’s important to get the community involved from an early stage and then discuss topics like tips for recording the session and getting the participants engaged.


If you are at all interested in experimenting in new was to educate your community take some time to watch this webinar.


To go along with the webinar we have three documents.


How to Make & Test Videos

Reaching your readers: A field testing guide for community groups

Video Guidelines & Test Questions