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Webinar: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Legal Aid


If you have heard about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but aren’t sure the difference between the two this is the webinar for you. In it we will start by explaining some of the top level concepts like Moore’s Law, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. After that we spend the rest of the webinar looking at some examples of how AI is being used right now in things like profiling callers, computer vision, natural language, and more.


Throughout this webinar attention is given to both how the technology is effecting legal services right now and the potential impact of development in AI on legal services in the coming years. While there is general consensus that attorneys will be spending a lot more time in person with clients and less time doing paperwork the specific time frame of this change is something that is hotly debated.


IV Ashton - Legal Server

Sart Rowe - LSNTAP


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