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Webinar: Designing for Inclusion in Legal Aid Technology


In one of our most popular webinars this year we will discuss the how and why of making your technology more inclusive. This webinar is broken up into four parts each with it’s on presenter.
In part one Mirenda Meghelli introduces the panelists, explains the structure of the of the presentation, and goes over some of the terms that will be used throughout the webinar. In part two we look at ways we can move beyond the gender binary with Jack Haycock. We go over learn the basics of what it is and then look at the different ways clients have been forced to sort themselves into the gender binary and some ways we can improve the language we use. In part three Teri Ross will talk about some of the ways to design around the user experience using Victims of Crime section of Illinois Legal Aid Online as a case study. We talk about things like creating personas and mapping the user journey. Finally in part four Roger Rand of Multnomah County Circuit Court. They are in the process of designing and building a new courthouse to replace current one, in this segment we will look at all the steps they are taking to insure they are accessible to all.

Sart Rowe, LSNTAP

Mirenda Meghelli, Pro Bono Net

Jack Hancock, Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Roger Rand, Oregon Judicial Department

Teri Ross, Illinois Legal Aid Online