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VoIP and Unified Communication Webinar




In this webinar we learned what VoIP and Unified Communications is and how it was implemented at Northwest Justice Project and Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. A Unified systems gives it’s users far more flexibility than a traditional system. In the past a number would be tied to a single phone in a unified system not only can you have it ring through to some combination of your computer and multiple phones you can change it on the fly and even automate it to change depending on the time of day.


In addition since everything is unified record keeping is much easier. The system can be easily set up to do things like keep track of every single call you make, handy both for improving services and for grant reporting.

The big catch is to get all these benefits you need to put some thought into setting up the system. Something to watch out for that was highlighted during this webinar is a sub par connection to the internet. It is important to spend necessary money to get a connection that not only has the required capacity but also the more reliable connection. Providers targeting consumers rather than business tend to have more down time, and when your entire operation runs through the internet that can cripple you while it’s happening.

Presented by

William F. Guyton, Jr. - Director of Information & Technology

James Logan - Northwest Justice Project


Here are the materials used in James’s presentation and William’s presentation


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A handy tool mentioned is HelloFax, a more civilized alternative to the fax machine.