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Video of the Week: When Separating videos from Victoria Legal Aid


Hello everyone! This week we have another featured video all the way from Down Under! Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has created a series of nine videos relating to divorce. The video series is designed to help families deal with various aspects of the process, focusing on things like telling your kids, getting help in rural areas, dividing property, and dealing with family violence.

The featured video introduces the series. It is narrated by three kids and emphasizes the idea that families can stay strong even after parents separate. It’s quick, to-the-point, and overall really well done. It’s a great way to tackle big issues that you can’t effectively cover in a single video without getting too lengthy. The longest video in the series is just over 16 minutes long; the rest are around ten minutes. The series is published as a playlist on YouTube, which is just perfect (VLA has a few other playlist series as well).


The rest of the videos include:

Or, just visit the playlist to see all the videos.

Happy Wednesday!