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Video of the Week: A User's Guide to Applying for Food Stamps (SNAP) Online, from Legal Services NJ


Hello everyone! This week's video of the week is "A User's Guide to Applying for Food Stamps (SNAP) Online," by Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ). A few neat things that I noticed about the video right off the bat were (a) that the video is also available in Spanish, and (b) that there's a "Donate" button embedded right into the video page. I hadn't seen that before, so that's a pretty cool feature to include on your YouTube channel or videos (you can find a "Donate" button and other goodies through the YouTube Nonprofit Program).


The video itself is pretty slick-looking. LSNJ used a green screen like the one that the Northwest Justice Project uses (pictured below) to create a field of "computer screens" with a person layered over top clicking and sliding them around. It looks like an Apple commercial, or maybe Cerebro. After that, it features a visually appealing description of the process of applying for SNAP using clip art-type animations. Finally, it walks the viewer through using a screening calculator with screenshots and screen captures. LSNJ used a lot of cool techniques and methods for keeping a viewer's interest while still being informative.


And they didn't use software that's out of reach for anyone else to use, either - just Camtasia Studio (around $300, I think) for screen captures and Adobe After Effects ($20 for a year) for editing. You can even find cheaper ways to record short clips of your screen with tools like CamStudio (free, but caps out at I think a 3-minute clip). The video was made entirely in-house. Once again, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to create solid educational videos - just some creativity and patience. For more information, get in touch with LSNJ at

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Great job, LSNJ!