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Video of the Week: Surviving Domestic Violence - Kay Lynn, by Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid


Hello everyone! This week's Video of the Week is in a format that I don't think we've featured before: an interview with a client, from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA). It's a really quick video (just under a minute!), but powerfully discusses the psychological effects of domestic violence (without getting into too many specifics) and the ways in which legal aid was able to help. A little more discussion of legal aid's role in helping this client, Kay Lynn, recover might have been nice - but it's a great video. It's obviously very impactful to have real people talking about their experiences, particularly with more emotional types of cases such as DV.

This might also be one of the least time-consuming kinds of videos to produce. If you can find an articulate and willing client with a compelling story, just practice a few times, point the camera, and push record! If you get the script down ahead of time, you might not even really have to do too much editing. I liked that TRLA put its logo in the bottom left-hand corner - this helps with branding and overall consistency of the videos. Overall, great work!

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Happy Wednesday!