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Video of the Week: Road Trip! Legal Information Highway, by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services


Hello everyone! For this week's Video of the Week, we'll take a look at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services' (SLLS's) audio PowerPoint series. While not technically videos, the series achieves the same effect for a fraction of the cost. Essentially, SLLS created PowerPoint presentations, recorded narration for the slides, and streams them through AuthorStream (a comparable service to SlideShare). So, the slides advance automatically while narration walks the viewer through issues like Social Security overpayments, contractor fraud, and unemployment compensation (all three are available in both English and Spanish and are available in LSNTAP's Tech Library).

Here, we're specifically featuring SLLS's presentation targeted at librarians. What I mostly liked about this video was its clear theme - a road trip or highway - and the use of crisp, attractive images and sound effects to further the metaphor. The slides are also well-paced, and the text is easy to read along with. The narrator goes fairly in-depth, but also provides places to go for additional resources. Way to go, SLLS! What do you like about this presentation? Tell us in the comments!

For more on how to make your own audio PowerPoints, watch SLLS's recent how-to video, also archived in LSNTAP's Tech Library, as well as an earlier series of videos.

For more on making your own videos, check out some how-to videos by LSNTAP on our Video Camera & Editing Tech playlist.

Happy Monday, everyone!