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Video of the Week: Juvenile Record Sealing in Washington State, by Northwest Justice Project


Hello everyone! After a brief hiatus, we're back with a new video of the week. This is just one of many great videos that Daniel Ediger of the Northwest Justice Project (NJP) has created and posted on NJP's YouTube channel. What's notable about it is that it was pretty simple to create: a whiteboard, some dry-erase markers, and a cheap video camera were the main tools. If you or anyone in your office can draw (even a little bit!), you can create a video like this. The voice-over and relatively simple animation process also make it easy to dub in another language.

For more, check out Daniel's discussion of his video-creation process, and a summary of his and others' presentation at the 2013 TIG conference.

For more on making your own videos, check out some how-to videos by LSNTAP on our Video Camera & Editing Tech playlist.

Happy Monday, everyone!