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Video of the Week: Bankruptcy Overview, by Legal Aid Kentucky


Hello everyone! This week's Video of the Week is a Bankruptcy Overview from Kentucky Legal Aid. I'm not sure (yet) what software they used to develop it, but it seems pretty simple.

At the same time, there's a lot of motion to keep the viewer's interest visually, and the topics the narrator discusses are represented well with pictures, red X's, and single-word labels. The style of the video also matches other videos released on Kentucky Legal Aid's channel. An identifiable style is a great way to associate the video with the organization and create a cohesive and professional-looking media presence. The narration is clear, concise, and thorough - the only thing I would add is a reference to sources of more information at the end of the video, though they do strongly advise getting in touch with a lawyer if you're planning to declare bankruptcy. Great job!

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Until next time, everyone!