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TIG Grants and Florida Justice Technology Center PM Position


Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is currently accepting Technology Initiative Grants, if you have legal aid project that involves an innovative use of technology now is your chance to get some funding.

LSC is accepting 2-5 page long letters of intent and will follow up by inviting promising projects to submit full proposals. Similar to last year LSC is looking for projects that are trying to innovate and come up with new solutions, use technology to improve current tools and practices, adapt or replicate a project. New from last year they added a category for technology improvement projects, these grants are designed to help organizations who are struggling with their technology infrastructure bring it up to speed.

LSC will also host an informational webinar on the process on February 8th at 11am PST / 2pm EST. You can register to join that webinar here.


The deadline to submit letters of intent is Friday, March 9, 2018. Head over to the LSC website to see full details of how to apply.

Florida Justice Technology Center is looking to contract a remote project manager to manage the development of web based tools and resources. FJTC with many of the legal institutions in Florida and helps create and promote web based tools and resources to support advocates and clients alike.

FJTC is looking for someone with a Bachelors and experience as a project manager in software development. Extra consideration will be given to candidates with a legal background, IT experience, and experience with startups and small nonprofits.

Full details can be found in the document here

You can apply online here