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The State of E-Filing 2017


We kick off this webinar by taking a look at the Principles and Best Practices For Access Friendly Court Electronic Filing. Principles is was created in 2013 and outlines in clear language how to go about deploying an e-filing system. In this webinar we only spend a few minutes on this document but if it’s worth taking some time to familiarize yourself with the document. In the rest of the video we bring you up to speed on on some of the terms commonly used in e-filing and look at how e-filing has changed since then.
We spend most of the remaining time looking at how e-filing is being implemented in California, Michigan, and Illinois as well as what we expect to see in the near future. We finish by spending some time talking about what role access to justice boards can play in the process of implementing e-filing.
Snorri Ogata - LA Superior Court
Angela Tripp - MHLP, Michigan
Matthew - Illinois Legal Aid Online
Claudia Johnson - LawHelp Interactive
Sart Rowe - LSNTAP