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Session Proposals and a RFP

This week we have two cool new things to apply for. The first one is a RFP to update the Montana Legal Services Association(MLSA) website, the other is a call for session proposals for the Tech Innovations Conference coming in January of next year.
MLSA has received a grant through LSC to adapt Online Tennessee Justice into a similar website called Montana Free Legal Answers. To make this happen MLSA is looking for developers who are familiar with ABA Free Legal Answers to help with this task.
Important dates
June 19: RFP due
June 26: Work starts
September 1: Work must be completed
Full details including exact requirements and submission information can be found in the attachments below.
We are about seven months out from the 2018 Tech Innovations Conference and they are looking for proposals for sessions.
They are looking for sessions on a wide variety of topics ranging from using AI and Machine Learning to Gamification to all aspects of website design. They have a few different formats for the sessions to allow you to choose the one that best fits your material.
The first is the standard conference workshop. The second is a hands on lab or tech demo where people can see or try the thing you are talking about themselves. Both of these are 75 minutes long. The third is a 60 minute affinity group, this is designed to be more of an informal group discussion. Finally there are the 6 minute rapid fire talks. For these good slides and lots of practice is key for getting your message across and not running out of time. You can see some the 2016 Rapid Fire Tech Talks here.
Proposals are due by July 28 and notice of acceptance will be no later than September 15.