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Position Postings: ABA Center for Innovation


The ABA Center for Innovation is looking for a variety of people, they have a director level position to fill as well as multiple types of fellowships.


The ABA is looking for a is looking for a Deputy Director & Counsel to help manage the day to day operations of the new ABA Center for Innovation. This position requires a hefty amount of experience but promises to be an exciting position for the right candidate.

The ABA Center for Innovation is also now accepting fellowship applications. The program is looking for two different types of applicants. Recent graduates from law school can apply to be NextGen Fellows, this program is a one year in-residence program that has a stipend. Other interested individuals can apply to be Innovation Fellows which involve taking a 9-12 week sabbatical to work on a project. This position has no stipend but the ABA will work with other organizations to develop sponsorships to assist you.