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Popcorn is not just a snack anymore


Hello everyone! You might have thought that popcorn was just for movies. You're right, but not in the way you thought you were. Mozilla has an online video editing tool called Popcorn Maker.

popcorn_maker_logo_largeThe tool allows you to remix existing videos with links, images, Twitter feeds, Google Maps, Flickr slideshows, and Wikipedia articles - all constantly updated. The goal, as defined by Beau Lotto in his TED Talk, is to make videos work more like the rest of the web - that is, peppered with links to other, related content. And Popcorn Maker gives you an easy tool to do just that. predicts that Popcorn-style movies will be more common as time goes on, saying that they found "plenty of promise in Popcorn." Check out this video I edited in Popcorn Maker to learn how you can use it too:


Have fun!


Thanks for the tip, Liz! I was not aware of this - excited to check it out.

No problem! Hope you like it :)