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Online SNAP Calculators


Does your state have an easy way to calculate if someone is eligible for SNAP benefits and if so at what level? Here are two tools for doing just that, and if either one of them appeal to you they are available for you to adapt to your needs.

Recently over in Massachusetts have developed a phone friendly online SNAP calculator designed more for service providers than the general public.

Initially developed by Joshua M. Goodwin of Southeastern Ohio Legal Services this was modified for Massachusetts by a volunteer law student. 

The web interface solid but the mobile version is even better, it's very easy to go down the list and tap in your information. Modifying this for your own use is complicated enough that you will want to find someone with a technical background to do this work.​

Over at Pine Tree Legal Assistance they have developed a similar system using HotDocs. Unfortunately it does not have a mobile mode but because it uses HotDocs there is a lot of documentation on how to go about adapt your version of it.