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NTAP website Focus Group


Hello everyone! You are all welcome this Wednesday to give feedback and ideas for how we can improve the NTAP website. The NTAP website receives over 3,000 hits a month, many of those hits to our tech library.  We are looking for your feedback on how we can make this resource easier to use.  Over the last year we have added search to our email lists, simplified our logins, updated the core and theme.  In the coming months we hope to

  • Better Feature videos
  • Re order our search by date
  • Add a Survey Bank
  • Add a feedback survey

If you have ideas, feedback or frustrations with the site please come to the focus group or email us your ideas.   

Join us:

Pacific Time Zone: 10am-11am
Mountain Time Zone: 11am-12pm
Central Time Zone: 12pm-1pm
Eastern Time Zone: 1pm-2pm