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Next Webinar: Sharelaw & Sharelaw Video Webinar


Find. Share. Create. This is the foundation behind ShareLaw and its sister site ShareLawVideo. Both websites are designed for the beleaguered content develoer, searching to offer the best content possible to advocates and pro se users.

Through ShareLaw and ShareLaw Video, content developers of LSC-funded programs have centralized, easy access to valuable legal aid content on statewide websites, regardless of platform. Content developers can find model web pages, fact sheets, legal forms, images, videos, audio files, training resources, and more, and once content providers find resources, they can bookmark them, collect them, modify them, and replicate them.

Join us and see how you can participate to search and access materials through ShareLaw and ShareLawVideo.


Kirstin Verrill Atlanta Legal Aid

Vince Morris of Arkansas Legal Services

Location: online at

Start Time: 10am Pacific / 11am MST / Noon Central / 1PM Eastern