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KRACK PSA + Openings and RFPs

We have some RFPs and positions to fill within the community but before that a PSA.
Just in case you hadn’t heard the news a major weakness has been discovered in some of the protocol that is used in all modern wireless networks. Mathy Vanhoef who discovered the exploit has created an excellent breakdown can be found over at
There are a few key points to understand.
The weakness is part of the underlying standard not in any specific device. That means it’s likely that every device that has Wi-Fi is vulnerable and will have to be patched individually. This covers the obvious things like modems and phones but also some other things like some security cameras, toys, and thermostats.
When the exploit is used for most devices it allows the attacker to intercept and read the traffic between the devices. In a couple of implementations commonly used by Linux and Android devices it is more dangerous because in addition to seeing all the passing information they can add their own. This lets them put all sorts of nasty malware onto your device without you noticing.
There are a couple steps you can take to protect yourself. First of all changing your Wi-Fi passwords will not stop the attack, the attack is happening on a different level. Save the new password for after you have updated all the devices on your network. Instead make a list of all the wireless devices you have and go through and update them. If the update is dated before October 16th it doesn’t patch this vulnerability. Check frequently for the updates and until you get it be careful about using the device.
Using public wireless is risky business because there are a variety of ways your device and information can be compromised. This makes it slightly more risky but you should already be very careful about using it for anything sensitive so it’s should not cause a major shift in behavior..
Security updates aside we also have a few opportunities.
Michigan Legal Help is looking to fill two positions, one for an attorney and one for a legal professional. You can download both of them below.
Pro Bono Net is hiring a Disaster Response Legal Fellow and a LawHelp Program Coordinator. The former will be involved with partners working in areas hit by recent disasters and while latter is focused on maintaining and cultivating Pro Bono Net’s partnerships with legal aid organizations.
Montana Legal Services Association has an RFP for a project to existing systems to manage health-harming legal needs. Proposals are due by November 3rd and details can be found in the pdf below.