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Justice Hub - Testers & Dev's Needed


Justice Hub needs your help!

JusticeHub, a Social Network and Hub for Justice Issues and Projects, in Development

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JusticeHub is an online community of those interested in joining like minded individuals to create new and transformative justice technology solutions which will increase access to justice.  Though built within the legal aid community, long considered the most innovative adopter of justice technology because of its need to harness technology to serve vast numbers of clients, JusticeHub’s mission is to become the trusted online collaborative space which both consciously, and actively, transforms the current mechanisms of justice to increase access to justice for all.

HOUSTON, Texas (December 29, 2016) – JusticeHub, created by New Mexico Legal Aid (under a Technology Innovation Grant of Legal Services Corporation), is currently in development and is seeking testers and contributors to further enhance the platform’s features. Those interested can contribute and learn more about JusticeHub at

JusticeHub’s mission is to identify pain points for those who seek access to justice, and through creative collaboration come up with new technologies and processes which prevent justice problems from getting worse, and, ultimately,  helping to create a more fair and equitable justice system for our communities. As an egalitarian and trusted community, JusticeHub is dedicated to self-defined participation, open source development, attribution, and benefit for all.   JusticeHub functions under the assumption that it takes everyone’s voice to improve our justice systems – those in need – advocates – activists - law students – legal aid – coders - businesses – entrepreneurs – data analysts – shelter workers – government officials – anyone who realizes that it is time to change processes that no longer serve the people.

JusticeHub developers hope to congregate great justice technology ideas in one place for use and replication by communities throughout the United States and around the world. By adopting the open source collaboration model, users will be able to build upon each other's work in a meaningful and open way. Thus far, we have convened groups at both face to face and virtual legal hackathons ( to serve parents and children, persons with diminished capacities, and domestic violence victims. We are just now organizing an online community to serve veterans (

“There is a growing need across the entire legal system for technologies to be used in real time, free from limitations and access barriers created by unintended silos, and with coordinated monitoring to track justice needs, related parties, actions, and possibilities for alternative dispute resolution systems at the earliest possible stages,” said IBO President Jeffrey Aresty.

Tech For Justice® is an initiative of the virtual bar association and research Institute, Insittue.  Tech For Justice’s ® mission is to accelerate the development of technology applications and processes that improve access to justice in human rights, legal aid, and the environment. By supporting  those who need critical help more efficiently, and changing the  processes that no longer serve the people, access to justice for all is achievable. Open technology collaboration also creates a community of peer review and ownership that allows the people to be a part of the solution and create justice based on community needs.

By hosting a series of Hackathons, think tanks, and building sessions focused on solving justice issues through technology know-how and socially-focused action, Tech For Justice ®  seeks to incentivize some of our best minds to help solve pressing issues related to various world justice systems, namely that all are able to access their resources, and if not, to create their own.

Please join our Justice Hub Trusted Online Community to increase access to justice today at


Christy Leos
Director of Operations Institute