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Game Jam Breakdown

On February 17-19 we hosted the Social Justice Game Jam, at this event we brought together game developers, artists, sound designers, and legal advocates to spend the weekend creating games that in some way increase access to justice. You can find more information on the Eventbrite page but the event boils down to a bunch of teams working very hard to make the best games they can in 48 hours.
On average we had about 50 people on site making games over the weekend with a few more people participating online. At the end we had seven game that we presented Sunday night. The event was a big success, the seven games we got to show off represent a big step forward in games designed to promote legal aid.. Two participants of the game wrote up their experiences, you can find the first write up here and the second here.
You can check out all games they made over on the event page. Some of the games can be played in browser while others will need to be downloaded.
We have captured a ton of great footage of the event, we will be posting it over the coming weeks so keep an eye on our YouTube channel to catch it as it comes out.
We will also be doing a comprehensive writeup of the event. In it we will incorporate what we learn in the process of organizing the jam and from feedback into a document that will both give a detailed breakdown of how this event went and a guide how other organizations could host their own game jam or hackathon.
For now I just want to thank everyone that made this possible. In addition to all the participants that decided to spend their entire weekend with us I want to recognize the following people and organizations.
Supporting Organizations    
Sart Rowe: Planning, logistics and was the voice of reason and experience
Ket Ng: Convinced people to help and made the menus and shopping lists
Evan Witt: Logistics, and made the games sound good through Tree of Audio
Nicole Jekich: Organizing board game materials and handling the desk
Kazuo Mayeda: Documented the event
Hon. Don Horowitz, former Superior Court Judge
Mike McCain, Creative Director at HareBrained Schemes
Rebecca Heineman, CEO & CTO at Olde Skuul
John Krajewski, Founder/CEO Strange Loop Games
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