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Digital Data Destruction Policy - Feedback


We are actively seeking community feedback on the attached Digital Data Destruction Policy. Legal services organizations collect and store significant amounts of confidential information that is susceptible to outside intrusion. All Legal Services Corporation funded organizations must have policies regarding the retention and deletion of data in order to avoid losses that could arise from (1) direct hacking into the program’s network, (2) improper access or loss to portable technology, or (3) inappropriate use of the web by staff who may access high risk websites with malicious software.

The attached digital data destruction policy seeks to safeguard confidential and personally identifiable information through proper retention and destruction methods. The final version of the sample policy will be published and distributed so that organizations could make modifications that fit their needs. Please note that the retention periods set forth in the policy are either best practices or required by law and should be considered minimum retention periods.

Please submit any feedback, comments, critiques, or concerns to no later than May 10, 2017. We are hoping to finalize and distribute the sample policy before the end of May 2017.

PolicyDraft - Generalized.docx