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50 Tech Tips 2017


We have continued our annual tradition of putting out a 50 Tech Tips webinar. Lots of good content in this year’s addition to the lineup, compared to previous years we had a little bit more emphasis on security, extensions for Google Chrome, and cool things Google has made.
My favorite tip is Have I Been Pwned, if you have an account that you’ve been using for a while there is a good chance you will find some breaches that you have been caught up in. I have an older email address that t I use to sign up for things and it has 13 hits of various kinds.
The tip I’m most embarrassed to be using is the Gmail Unsend Email. It is a silly feature that conceptually I shouldn't need but in practice is quite handy.
Presented by
Zizi Bandera, Immigration Advocates Network
Reece Flexner, DC Bar
Xander Karsten, LegalServer
Anna Steele, Just-Tech
Jillian Theil, Pro Bono Net