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Selecting & Implementing a Case Management System: Guide for Managers (Feb 2004)

This article provides a summary of the Full Report (PDF). We recommend you read the Full Report and view at least one appendices:  User Survey Form (PDF). Download full report and all appendices at bottom.


Summary of Report: This report aims to help programs choose case management systems appropriate for them and to maximize their use of the tools these systems provide. The report was commissioned by Legal Aid of East Tennessee (LAET), which received a Technology Initiative Grant from the Legal Services Corporation for this project, and it was conducted by legal services consultants Colleen Cotter and Julia Gordon.

To research the report, the authors conducted personal interviews and focus groups to talk to more than 150 legal services staff members about their case management system. They also surveyed vendors of eight leading case management systems currently being used by legal services programs, viewed demonstrations of those systems, and distributed a short written survey to legal services staff members nationally.

The report consists of three major sections. The first provides advice for programs that are considering purchasing a new case management system or that want to make better use of their current system. The second section of the report offers a description of the various functions and features available in current case management systems and how they work. The third points out some other characteristics of case management systems for managers to consider.

In addition, the report contains a series of appendices containing system-specific information about the eight systems reviewed. The information in the appendices C through J was provided by the CMS developers themselves. All of these systems are currently being used by legal services programs, all are available for purchase, and all are fully supported and maintained by their vendors.