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Trends in Technology Use

How does technology affect our role as directors and planners of delivering legal services to the indigent? With the dynamic nature of technology, it is hard to keep up on various innovations and how they might impact on our ability to represent the poor and fight injustices. In... Read more
"Low-income people don't use the Internet or computers in my state." This is a common perception held by most. Let's find out how many low-income people use technology and for what purposes. Click here to take the Digital Divide quiz online or... Read more
photo by Abd allah Foteih /CC BY-SA 2.0 Marketing and Independent research institutions are continually finding that Short Message Service (SMS), commonly known as text messaging, is increasingly... Read more
By Probono Net 7/23/2014 This webinar highlights new tools and approaches that aid advocates with legal screening, triage and analysis activities, and help litigants navigate unfamiliar legal processes. We'll hear from panelists working on cutting edge projects in the... Read more
               LawNY recently received a Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) to implement... Read more
Hello everyone! LSNTAP and Idealware hosted a webinar on Cloud Security yesterday that went really well. It was part one of a two-part series, so stay tuned for Advanced Cloud Security on August 28th! Yesterday’s presenters included Joshua Peskay, Idealware Expert Trainer... Read more
Hello everyone! An interesting development in the realm of Internet privacy has been taking place in the settlement of a putative class action suit against Google. Plaintiffs Paloma Gaos, Gabriel Priyev, and Anthony Italiano sued the search engine for leaking user search queries... Read more
Hello everyone! Last Friday, May 10th, the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton hosted a webinar on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and sandboxing technology. The video is available on CITP’s YouTube channel and below, but here’s a brief... Read more
Hello everyone! Recently on the LSTech email list we had a question about using text messages as evidence, most likely in domestic violence cases. How does one preserve such evidence, and how can the sender be verified? I thought it was an interesting query, and did some... Read more
See our blog post on Bring Your Own Device policies for more information. Thanks to Molly French and the LSTech listserv for compiling these sample policies, agreements, and guidelines!


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