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 Google Apps in Legal Aid (EJC) - Part 1:Google Apps in Legal Aid - Part 1Download this presentation to view the notes pages. Google Apps in Legal Aid (EJC) - Part 2:Google Apps in Legal Aid - Part 2Download this presentation to view the notes pages.Google Apps and... Read more
  Creating a Legal Hot Line Using Google Voice Read more
Here are the presentation slides from the April 30th Google Apps online session:  Recordings: Presentation   Q&A   If you're a member of the legal aid community and want to learn more about Google Apps, you're welcome to join the Google Apps for Legal Aid... Read more
 Community Legal Aid Services (CLAS) based in Akron, Ohio is leading the Next Generation Legal Services Desktop (NGLSD) TIG project.  The project is based on the content model and when implemented, will increase the productivity of legal services advocates... Read more
Presenter: Rachel R. Medina, LSNTAP   Materials & Resources Training: Google Docs: PowerPoint |PDFGoogle Presentations: PowerPoint |PDFGoogle Spreadsheets: PowerPoint |PDFGoogle Sites: PowerPoint |PDFRecording of Training (see below): COLL132-135Need troubleshooting?... Read more
Google Sites Presentation & View Flash Video:    Read more
This post from the Washington Post blog Security Fix discusses Google's continued failure to make encryption a default setting for many of the Google Apps products: At issue is whether Google is doing enough to block hackers from hijacking a user's Webmail account or... Read more
In session COLL130 you learned about many of the applications Google has to offer. You are now ready to launch Google Applications across your organization. How do you do it? Join us on this session and we’ll tell you how. This session will include step-by-step instruction... Read more
We're collecting a list of websites that legal aid techies find invaluable in their work.  This list will seed a link library on our new website -- but I've decided not to wait for the new site to start collecting links.  If you have a suggestion, you can submit it in... Read more
If I'm logging in on a Saturday I should definitely be doing work on a couple of pressing projects (oh, the new NTAP website, or the Tech Report search interface or slides about the website for TIG next week) but I wanted to pass along a few news stories instead: Technola... Read more


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