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NLADA Still talking to Citix over Go to Meetings


Dear All,

As of yesterday the following accounts have been granted access to their goto meetings/webinar accounts until July 22nd to accommodate previously scheduled meetings. These licenses will end at the close of business on July 22nd, not exceptions. If you have meetings/webinars scheduled beyond the 22nd, you will need to register for the new program that will be offered by NLADA. As I type this message, I know many of you are anxious to get started and I assure you that I am working to get the details as quickly as possible.

"email addrersses removed"

I am working to ensure that rates do not go up too much so that programs are able to continue using the services at the corporate level at an affordable price. I apologize for the delays in this process and thank everyone for their patience.

I will be in touch with everyone as soon as I have additional information.

Have a great weekend if I don't speak with you again later today.