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Have you ever wondered what other organizations or news outlets are saying about your organization online? One of the best ways to stay on top of news and blogs related to any particular topic online is a Google alert.  These alerts are e-mails sent to you giving you a list of the latest web mentions of your keyword.   Alerts are a must for communication departments and management that deal with he public.  Alerts can be sent in real time as soon as new content is found by Google or only on a daily or weekly schedule.

Each time your org is mentioned online it is an opportunity to engage with he broader community.  If something positive is said you can reach out to the news org  or blogger and thank them in the comments with a linkback to your org.  If something negative or false is mentioned then you will be at the for front of correcting the information. 


Here are a few examples from recent Google Alerts for Northwest Justice Project:

Podcasts: Serving The Legal Needs Of Urban Native Americans ...
The program was hosted by the law firm of Foster Pepper PLLC, in partnership with the Northwest Justice Project and the American Bar Association Section of ...


Legal project ushers troubled renters through court labyrinth ...
The Housing Justice Project, a program of the Northwest Justice Project, has operated its bilingual walk-in courthouse service since 2009. ...


Best of 2010: Are local courts overstepping by helping bill ...
“We're supplying this big collection tool for collection agencies,” says Fred Corbit, senior attorney for the Northwest Justice Project in Seattle. ...


These news results are often useful when applying for grants or when pointing out the impact your org has on the community.  If you run a blog or tweet alerts are amazingly valuable as a source of new content. 


I have 10 alerts set up for topics including "Northwest Justice Project" and NTAP. I also recommend creating a person alert for your name, this is a great way to monitor what is being said about you and help control your identity online.  If you are litigating a high profile case the name of litigants can help monitor the news while an alert for "Housing Law Washington State" can notify you of other interesting local cases or legislative news. Information is power, I hope this helps you manage information.


You can sign up for alerts here:


What tools do you use to control your orgs online image?


Brian -

People who are interested in "listening" to who is saying what about their organization and the issues that they are interested in should consider themselves lucky. The nonprofit technology world is buzzing with information about it. My recommendations for further reading:

And for those who are monitoring what people are saying about them -- please, please, please don't add more junk to your email inbox. You know that you have enough trouble managing it, as is. Try using a newsreader or a feedreader instead. More information: Do You Use a Feed Reader? and Huh? RSS? What?.