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In a landscape of declining budgets and increasingly need, sometimes small innovations can have a big impact. Process improvement and workflow mapping are ways to identify existing inefficiencies or missed opportunities, and solve issues in innovative and holistic ways. From internal processes to service delivery to volunteer management, this webinar will highlight approaches and techniques to help identify, automate and simplify routine activities and reduce complexity. We will explore three examples from the community and hear an overview of how process mapping can improve organizational performance and outcomes.

Adam Heintz, Legal Services NYC 
Susan Zielke, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation
Matthew Burnett, Immigration Advocates Network
Mike Grunenwald, Program Coordinator Pro Bono Net
Brian Rowe, LSNTAP

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Next Generation Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools: This webinar will focus on new approaches to the design and delivery of substantive practice resources and tools for advocates. Examples will include “expert” tools that aid legal decision-making and new training models. 

In this video our presentors will focus on two projects, an Online Classroom and and answer a variety of questions.
Online Classroom is, for lack of a better term, an online classroom, that is dedicated to walking people through some complicated legal processes.
Olmsteadrights focuses on sharing stories and providing tools to people to help them become better advocates for those with disabilities.  


You have a website, but that is only half the battle. In this webinar we will talk about using Google Analytics to track your visitors and Google AdWords to draw visitors to your site.


This webinar is presented by these fine individuals and with the assistance of LSC.

Talley Wells, Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc

Mark Sherman, Nehmedia, Inc

Jillian Theil, Pro Bono Bet

Brian Rowe, LSNTAP


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Deverse Logo

Deverse is a diverse organization of developers that teach coding to make a difference. Their mission is to empower social impacting organizations with technological solutions, and to simultaneously provide opportunities for students to engage in the technology sector by connecting these two parties.


Deverse equip Deversers, typically young adults at university and aspiring leaders, with the tools and knowledge of mobile app development. In turn they provide tailored mobile solutions for social organizations.


Deverse provides end-to-end development of mobile smartphone apps, and plans on adding cross-platform web development. It can be hard for social organizations to invest in technology solutions, Deverse aims to alleviate these challenges and reduce costs through the development of student-based programs. These programs are created with a combination of the internal staff and Deversers. Deversers implement the core functionalities of the software while staff provide quality assurance and developmental assistance. In addition to mobile app development Deverse creates and maintains the necessary backend infrastructure for the software as well as guarantees future updates and development.

Summer Apps Program

In the past Deverse has worked on App for Humanity, a program that developed mobile iOS and Android apps for the Peace Corps at Boston College. The Deverse Summer Apps Program is currently running in Boston and  this fall it is expecting to established branches at multiple universities, each ready to take on more projects.


They can be found at, for inquiries or specific questions email them at Their main social media outlets are facebook and twitter




We recently had a webinar covering some of the new ways people have been using new nad existing technologies to improve the quality and access to legal aid. As usual we had some excellent presenters and we touched on topics ranging from NYLAG's Mobile Legal Help Center to NuLawLab's game that helps teach self-represented parties how court works. As usual we would appreciate it if everyone took a minute to fill out our survey