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LSC 2014 White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice (full program) from Legal Services Corporation on Vimeo.

April 8, 2014. Moderated by LSC President Jim Sandman, the panelists included: Sylvia A. Ayler, Director, Legal, Merck Office of General Counsel, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation; Anne Geraghty Helms, Pro Bono Counsel, DLA Piper; Jessie R. Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, Inc.; Diane K. Smith, Executive Director, Legal Services of Northwest Jersey, Inc.; Brett Strand, Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, 3M Company; Catherine Weiss, Partner & Chair, Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest at Lowenstein Sandler; Diana C. White, Executive Director, LAF (Legal Aid Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago).

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