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We have talked about Deverse a little bit in the past but new we have a new webinar we can share with you. In this webinar we introduce you to the basics of app development and how how Deverse handels their process.


You can find the slides used with this presentation here

You can help us by filling out a survey here

And be sure to check out Deverse at



Today we had another of the popular Intro to Excel Videos featuring Sandy Rylander

As usual here is a survey you can fill out to help us.
For the documentation prepared by Sandy that goes with this training go here.



Today with the help of Probono Net we explored some of the different ways Legal Aid orginazitions are using systems to remotely help people in need.


Our Guests included

  • Debra Jennings, Managing Attorney, Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc.
  • Phong Wong, Pro Bono Director, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Claudia Johnson, LawHelp Interactive Program Manager, Pro Bono Net
  • Liz Keith, Program Director, Pro Bono Net

The associated Survey and Slides can be found here:


We recently added two excellent series of training videos from Idealware.


The first set covers making a great Legal Aid website. Our website guide from earlier this year will teach you you the basics of designing and constructing a website. This series will go into more depth on things like designing with usability and accessibility in mind as well as some higher principles like determining the goal of your site. To supplement these videos we have included a worksheet you can use evaluate your website.



This second set of videos we will go over some of the various way organizations in the legal aid community are using technology, the benefits the reap, and how to adopt the techniques into your own organization. We have included a short worksheet to help take notes as you watch these videos.


I just want to briefly go over the upcoming webinars we have scheduled and make sure everyone knows what we have coming up in the next couple months.

On October 14th will be presenting a webinar that will cover remote and virtual services are changing how we provide services and extending reach into underserved communities.


On October 20th (a Tuesday) we will be talking with Deverse, an organization that connects students doing mobile development with NPOs that need help. We will learn more about them and their past project and how to apply for help on your upcoming projects.


The following Day on October 21st Sandy Rylander will do a webinar on Excel. She will be show us some tips and tricks to get the most out of Excel, this is one of our most popular webinars so be sure to check it out.


On November 11th Idealware will be presenting on using dashboards for visualizing data. We will go over the basics of dashboards, learn how to set yourself up to use them,  and explore some of the different options available.